Arth Botanicals was born out of a desire to create a daily dietary supplement company that merged the rich wisdom of Ayurveda with scientific nutrition. Our aim was to utilize knowledge from Ayurveda to reveal and expose the vitality of the Earth’s potential in the seeds, roots, stems, and leaves of plants that are of utmost value to support, enhance and improve our health and lifestyle.


The core philosophy of our brand is to share the happiness we have encountered while creating Arth Botanicals and to make healthy, all-natural and plant-based nutrition accessible to all. Our aim is to empower you to take charge of their health and improve longevity through the combined power of science and nature that our Ayurvedic supplements contain.

Our goal in bringing Arth Botanicals was simple

Aligning Nature, Ayurvedic sciences and healthy lifestyle through nutrition coming from highest quality plant extracts. Ayurveda and Traditional Asian Herbology has evolved over thousands of years and is revered for its philosophical framework and the use of herbs and plants in medicine.